Health & Wellness Talks - in association with Kilmacud Crokes’ ‘Kick Start'

Two upcoming dates for your diary: 10 January (Weight Loss Mind-Set) and 31 January (Boost your Energy Levels).


1. "Healthy Mind for Weight Loss" - Jan 10th 2017   8.30 - 10 p.m.  (Boardroom)

Losing weight isn’t just about the food we eat but also about what is going inside our mind when we make food choices. 

The focus of this talk is to understand the importance of having the right mind-set for weight loss, get useful tips on getting this mind-set and learn top tips to kick start your weight loss. It is a fantastic opportunity to start your journey to that new slimmer figure which you have always wanted so you look fabulous and feel great. No more bulging waistlines or fearing the weighting scales.  Finally put yourself on the road where making healthy food choices just happens so you don’t feel deprived, punished or it is too much hard work.

Come along and get your mind on a new wave of thinking about weight loss, mind-set, food choices and lifestyle.  You will finally have that piece of mind knowing that your weight issue is being addressed!


2.  "Energise your Day" - Jan 31st 2017   8.30 -10 p.m. (Boardroom)

So many of us get energy dips throughout the day while many others experience lack of concentration, mood swings, brain fog or sleep problems.  We crave stimulants like chocolate, cakes, crisps and coffee, we know they are unhealthy and even if we don’t realise it they get us through the day.

In this talk you will find out how making the right choices will give more energy, fewer cravings, banish brain fog, sleep better and eliminate mood swings. Learn how to take control of your energy levels, understand the impact your choices are having on your wellness and learn the right foods, drinks and lifestyle for unstoppable energy throughout the day.   

Both talks take place in the Boardroom, Glenalbyn House.


Emily Lavelle is a Diet, Health & Wellness Coach with a passion for eating healthy and living well.   Her mission is to help people understand that they have control over their own health through the choices they make.  It isn’t just about genes.  With this in mind she is passionate about empowering and educating others to make changes, big or small, in their lives so that they can be happier, healthier and live well.  Her experience has shown that when people understand that the power of their health is in their hands they are more likely to make healthier choices in their lives.

Emily’s holistic approach takes her clients on a wellness journey facilitating them to find a balanced approach in their lives.  It takes nutrition, lifestyle and mind-set into consideration so client’s find a diet and an attitude to life that works for them. This approach always takes the constraints of modern life, family commitments, work, health challenges or health conditions into consideration.  After working with Emily typically people have more energy, lose weight and slim down, less stressed, laugh more and enjoy life even more.

As a wellness advocate Emily Lavelle’s approach is about empowering people to striving for Optimum Wellness in mind and body.  Remember to look after your body, it is the only place you have to live!