Mini All-Irelands 2012: Groups, Teams, Fixtures

The 2012 Mini All-Irelands for Camogie and Ladies Football begin on Monday, June 4th. Monday and Wednesday will involve Ladies Football only, while Tuesday and Thursday will be dedicated to Camogie. Friday will be for the Finals in both sports.

Below are lists of the groups, the teams and the fixtures. They are given as links which will open in separate windows. This will make it easier to print them out. Please click the appropriate link to find your required details.

GROUPS links to a list of the teams in each age-group for both sports.

Camogie Fixtures and Times


Ladies Football Fixtures and Times


Camogie Team Lists

UNDER 7/8     UNDER 9/10     UNDER 11/12

Ladies Football Team Lists

UNDER 7/8     UNDER 9/10     UNDER 11/12

Best of luck to all the girls in what is always a wonderful week of fun!