FRIDAY Sports Club Welcomes Crokes Senior County Football champions.

The Friday Sports Club which meets on Fridays at 4pm in the paddock in Crokes and caters for those kids that might struggle or cannot attend regular training sessions within the Club. Typically kids within this group have a disability but all kids are welcome and many siblings attend. The Friday slot facilitates kids that are often not invited to playdates.

The Footballers and the Cup came to spend time and train/play with the kids. It was hugely appreciated and enjoyed by all. The time given was  of enormous benefit to the kids and meant a huge amount to many parents and coaches. It must be remembered that our Coaches- Orlaith Doran, Aisling Whitely and All our amazing TYs,  give their time every week and organise the entire session for others.

It was a a really super evening. Our players generosity when so many demands are placed on them is really very remarkable.

Best of luck to them in the opening round of Leinster on Sunday December 5th in Navan against the Meath Champions. .