M2M 2016 - Day 2 - Brendan's Blog, Donie's Diary

Day Two on the Mizen to Malin Cycle - Killarney to Ennistimon


Brendan's Blog

Day 2 Thursday – Killarney to Ennistimon

Early start again off we go 8am.  Heading further up the kingdom today; Tralee, Listowel and onward to the Tarbert Ferry, that took us into Clare. From one great county to another.
Could not but mention John B Keane as I passed his statue in Listowel town centre.

I have to mention the Kilmacud Crokes initiative "Crokes Talks" which started some months back. All about the well being of all involved in the club and around the local community. A real success. A big shout to those behind it and I will mention Kevin Mulligan. Take a bow.
For me personally my Dad went through a short illness in January and his sad passing in Feb. The cycling was such a big help for me at that time.  Out on a Saturday morning with such great people was a real tonic.

So hot today but a times was thinking of the melody "Drive it Like You Stole it" from that terrific film Sing Street, go and see it really brilliant.
And the highlight of the day no doubt in Quilty. Thanks Pat Burke. What a welcome from his family and their community a very special moment.

Today was so hot (but not complaining), one of the driver vans registered 27d.

Got to Ennistimon, 12 of us back down in the support van and a quick swim in Lahinch beach. My God it was freezing! The summer has arrived  and great to see the beach so packed at 7pm  this evening. 

So, fed and to bed.

Oh and by the way, big one tomorrow, 180km to Ballina in Mayo.


Donie's Diary


Another Incredible day!!

Woke up early after a great night’s sleep, not a whimper out of Burkie......where has he been for the last two M2M's? 

Today was to be a relatively easy day with a 140km spin out of Killarney, past Tralee through Killorglin and down to Tarbert for the ferry over to Killimer after lunch here on up through the Banner county to Ennistymon for the night. Didn’t quite work out that simple…

Breakfast was to be at 8 and my best roomie and myself headed down together. We met up with Mark and Kevin Bannon in the dining room just in time to hear Mark stating categorically that he doesn't snore but Kevin wasn't listening because he was fast asleep with his head in a bowl of gluten free porridge after a very rough night. Breakfast was excellent and when we finished we got all our gear together for the days cycling and headed down to the street where we were all assembling to head off in our respective groups. With the first two groups gone there still was no sign of Fionnan and Mick Culligan, who for some strange reason were only arriving down for breakfast at 8 30, so we were going to be late leaving. Fionnan said he knew they got it wrong when there were only tourists in the dining room so they rushed their breakfast, as it turns out it was a blessing in disguise because when they were leaving who did they spot only young Bannon catching up on some badly needed zzzzzzzz's still in the bowl!!!

Most of our group were gone by the time the two lads were ready so I was left with Fionnan, Mick and Ronan "the goat" Conway to contend with. Holy **** these boys can move, at one stage I looked at my speedo and we were doing 40 kph on the flat. We soon caught up with the groups ahead and we all assembled for the 1 o clock ferry to Killimer. We had our lunch together in a little local pub which Mick Culligan organised and it was outstanding.

The weather now was glorious. Most of the cyclists headed through Kilrush and on to Quilty,but Mick with his local knowledge had other plans for 14 of us. we went through Kilrush and in to Kilkee (slight delay to repair a puncture for Louis "the virus"),then he brought us in the opposite direction than we should have been going down a costal route to this giant seastack which was spectacular and well worth the effort. From here we headed back into Kilkee again and on to Quilty where my old mate and best roomie ever, Pat Burkes' mother and family were putting on afternoon tea for the whole group of 50 odd cyclists. On our way Louis got another puncture and it took us quite a while to sort it, in the meantime the lads fecked off and left myself and Mick to sort it out. Eventually the three of us arrived at Burkes and what a sight - purple and yellow balloons along the hedges and two massive Kilmacud Crokes flags draped across the gates. Louis proceeded to tell the lads what he thought of them for leaving us and also what gentlemen myself and  Mick were (obviously he hasn't seen M2M 2016 Day 1 yet).The Burkes house looks out on to the sea and across to Mutton island, beautiful!! Pats' mum had put on a massive spread for everybody and nobody left that house hungry, a super show of country hospitality.

We carried on from here down by Spanish point through Lahinch and into Ennistymon for the night staying in the Falls Hotel. That was 168km for us and 140km for everyone else, lot of tired legs tonight and a very big day tomorrow 180km with an option of 220km.With this in mind Liam O Carroll gave some excellent advice, especially to the 3 married couples that are cycling with us this week "no bonking" (cycling term) "but plenty of nibbling is advisable) !!

Tomorrow will be hard but when completed will break the back of the whole cycle. Mark and Kevin still aren't talking but Kevin told me he's going to go for the safer option of bread rolls in the morning as he spent the entire day picking dried porridge from his hair and nose. Hadn't the heart to tell him that he still has a big circle on his face from the rim of the bowl!!

Well I’m off now for a great night’s kip!!


Day 1

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