Don't suppose I'll find a bike shop open early on a Sunday morning........Ahh, the last day, can probably manage without a pump anyway !!!
Despite lads being "tired"  after all the speeches last night everyone was up early this morning for the final trek to Mizen head(90km). Plan was to leave in a few groups and all meet up in Goleen at 2 o clock (8km from Mizen) and then we would all arrive together.
Little bit of drizzle as we left Kenmare,unfortunately this was the best part of the day, weatherise, and conditions got worse and worse as the day progressed. Today's route started with the difficult 17km climb up the Caha pass, the higher we got the wetter it got !! but everybody made it. Downhill from here to Glengarrif and by this stage everyone was frozen,the groups began to split up and got more and more separated. We stopped in Bantry for coffee and then met up with most of the other groups as we left. Still raining, it was decided to stop in Durris to regroup. Conditions now were  horrendous, wet and really cold and all we wanted to do was get it over with. Because we were still fairly well spread out it was decided to carry on to Barley Cove (2 km from Mizen) and do the final regroup there. We must have been waiting at least 50 minuets here for everyone to arrive. This, for me, was the highlight of the trip,  despite the cold and the proximity of our goal, nobody was going to finish until the whole group was together. We hit Mizen at 4.30pm!! Handshakes all round and maybe a few hugs !!
We had a bus to bring us back to Bantry, where we stayed for the night and had a good ol' knees up.
Now, I said this 2 years ago and I'm going to say it again because there is no other way of expressing it. I have never laughed so much over 6 days. This is what Kilmacud Crokes means most to me, exercise, friendship, laughter and fun, money raised for two excellent causes and an experience that I know 36 members will never ever forget !!
Bomber is already talking about doing it again in 2 years couldn't come around soon enough !!!
Slán - Donie