Gum Shields

The Football Committee of Kilmacud Crokes are delighted to team up with Impact Gumshields in order to promote the use of a custom fit gumshield and to maximise the benefit our players will get from wearing one.


As you are all aware since January 1st 2013, it has been mandatory for players in age grades up to and including minors to wear a mouthguard in all Gaelic football practice sessions and games. From January 1st 2014, this rule was extended to cover Gaelic footballers in all age grades. Some key points related to the wearing of mouth-guards in Gaelic Football

  • A properly fitted mouthguard is the best available protective device for reducing the incidence and severity of sports-related dental injuries
  • Players will not be covered under the GAA player injury scheme if they do not comply with the mouthguard rule
  • Players will be sent off for not wearing a mouthguard
  • No mouthguard? No Game!!

Further general information on Mouthguards from the GAA can be found at the following link

“My own view on mouthguards that has been formed from observing games at Senior and Underage over the last few years is that players will keep them in their socks or half wear them and chew on them if they are uncomfortable or don’t fit properly. By not wearing them properly they run the risk of  getting yellow & red cards (the recent example of the Kildare player being sent off will become more common), or they could also leave themselves open to a serious dental injury and subsequently run the risk of not having that covered by the GAA player injury scheme” Paraic McDonald, Coaching Director, Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club. 

In order for all our players to wear their Gumshields at every training session and all their games we in Kilmacud Crokes are going to partner with Impact Gumshields, a local company based in Sandyford. 

The Senior Football team will be one of the first teams in the club to get fitted out by Impact.

For all other teams and individuals who want to get a 3D custom fit Impact Gumshield the guys will be on site at the Kilmacud Crokes Clubhouse on the following dates to carry out the 3D scans-

The price for the Gumshield is €54 but if a sufficient number of Players register that price will be reduced (and all those who have booked will be notified the day before). 

Thursday 22nd March - the Library 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Saturday 24th March - the Boardroom 10am to 4pm

If you wish to book an appointment on either Thursday 22nd March or Saturday 24th March follow the links below -

More Info on Impact Gum Shields

A word from Jen Gleeson, Impact Gumshields - 

Thank you for choosing Impact Gumshileds as your ultimate oral protection tool. We are very happy to be coming on board with Kilmacud Crokes.

Impact have stepped away from messy old fashioned dental impressions, and moved our company into the amazing world of 3D. 

With our newly developed software it allows us to develop a much more accurate custom fit product. Not only is the fit more accurate, the product will also protect your teeth by absorbing upwards of 17.% of a impact to the face, which is more than any other gumshield currently being sold on the market. 

We are the best choice available to both youths & minis and older players alike who want to protect their adult teeth. We would urge every person who is playing contact sport to ensure their mouth is protected from adult tooth number 1. Using our intraoral scanner we will be able to see the movement in teeth and for little ones, we can leave a gap in the gumshiled to allow for the next phase of tooth to come down. 

We have heard some incredible stories recently of incidents occurring when a ill fitting gumshiledhas been chewed into a sharp edge and has lacerated the players mouth, resulting in surgery. Obviously these are the things as parents and coaches we want to avoid. Always keeping the players welfare in mind. 

Whats good about our gumshields?

You will not see our athletes flicking them in and out of their mouth

3D scanning/printing gives our  a way more accurate, snug fit.

They clip onto your teeth and do not move when you are playing

Recommend for use from adult tooth no.1 being in place

No use of putty, and no burning you're gums or the hassle of trimming to size

Great choice of colours

Quick and easy payment links

7 day turnaround

Check out our web site for more details -