M2M - A FINAL UPDATE  (by Ronnie Murray) 

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A few words of thanks .....

Well the legs are just getting back to normal and I might even consider getting on the bike again in a few days ..... Maybe ! In the words of Richie Stakelum, this was a truly epic trip on the bike - circe 650kms from Malin to Mizen. Donie entertained us with his blog posts over the duration of the trip so I took it upon myself to write a small post script to wrap up the trip

To Vinny, Mick, Gerry and Liam who looked after us so well on the roads, with the van support. For transporting our bags between stops, for loading and unloading vans, snacks on the road, water etc. Nothing was ever too much of a hassle for these gentlemen They were amazing -Thank you 


From start to finish, the trip was the epitome of excellence in organization and on behalf of all the cyclists I would like to record a note of thanks to some key folks who made this this happen. To Liam O' Carroll , Gerry Greene , Hugh Campbell, Frank Rutledge and Paul Gallagher for all their upfront organization and planning which went into the trip and facilitated it running so smoothly and safely – great detail went into accommodation selection, coffee and lunch stops, bus transfers etc. 

To Donie who put so much effort into the blog posts – when it would have been so easy when you were tired at the end of a long day to just give it a miss.  To Mark Cregg for the movie clips taken with the head cam which gave folks a sense of what it was like on the road.  As you know, Mark came in for a bit of slagging with Donie's blogs.  As they were heading up Moll's gap in a competitive fashion, Mark thought Donie was trying to make the peace for this slagging by helping him out and giving him an energy gel to help him up the steep incline. He should have known better!!! Donie actually gave Mark the smaller of the 2 sachets he had. He then promptly wolfed down the larger one he had, and sped up the climb to retain his King of the Mountains jersey'¦  Friendship eh !!!!  

Thanks to all the sponsors both corporate and individual for their donations.  Lastly, thanks to the wives and families who allowed this bunch of lunatics head off and complete this challenge. Rumor has it, another big trip will be planned for 2 years' time'¦. Looking forward to it already........

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