Match Reports 2012 - U14B


Under 14 Division 5 League Semi-Final payed at "The Bogies", John Paul Park

Saturday 3rd November 2012

Naomh Fionnbarra 4-13 Kilmacud 4-5

For our semi-final we travelled in style in a luxury coach. Hang the expense -success brings its own rewards. As we crossed the railway bridge at Cabra we were informed by the driver that it was named after a very famous footballer Liam Whelan, a Busby babe, from the area who died tragically in Munich on that ill-fated February morning in 1958. He was a wing-wizard and already at age twenty-two had scored 52 goals from 98 appearances on a stellar Manchester United team. In a great example of sporting ecumenism, Naomh Fionnbarra led the drive to have the bridge re-christened and in 2006 Dublin City Council agreed. Liam's teammate Sir Bobby Charlton did the honours.

That they are proud of their local sporting heroes and club in this area was obvious as well from the blue and white flags festooning many houses. They love their Gaelic games as much as soccer. Their under 15 team is loaded with dual players i.e. players at home on a soccer or GAA pitch, skilful and quick (and not ruling out that many also play hurling). We would have to be on our toes: for sure.

The Crokes opened very positively. Matching the Barrs in the physical stakes we carved their defence open early and often. After a lovely simple move down the right wing with accurate kicked passes by Cal Kavanagh and Tim Dolan, Matthew Cahill pointed on the run. First blood to the visitors! Just to prove that the southsiders also possess silken soccer skills we scored a contender for goal of the season - a goal Robin Van Persie would have been proud of. Another foray down the right wing and a lovely floated cross which was volleyed to the net with aplomb from six yards by Robert Toolan. A very difficult technique made look easy by Robert and worth the entrance money alone.

Back at the ranch, our defenders worked extremely hard to contain the busy Barrs who were operating a shoot-on-sight policy. Centre-forward Cian Moriarty fulfilled his role of dropping back to help out the defence very well. While they were guilty of many wides Naomh Barróg started to rack up the points all the same. Our goal-keeper, the reliable Jim Browne, was busy with shot-stopping and kick outs which he varied well to keep Barrs guessing. Our full-back line of Daragh Kennedy, Niall Prior and Michael O' Connor contested every ball fiercely and inspired us by their sheer defiance in the face of heavy pressure. In time they may become the "brick wall" of many Kilmacud defences. Centre-back Ben Rafter revelled in the thicket of the action and Ossie O' Farrell at left-half back backed up well at all times. We were under "the cosh" but contesting everything which was great to see. It will be the foundation of future success... As ever Evin Comerford surged from mid-field with characteristic whole-heartedness and "Duracell" endurance.

But still we made the chances, Matt Cahill jinked by his man and coolly slotted a goal and Rory Fitzpatrick lobbed the Barr's custodian for another top drawer "soccer" goal. Colm O' Shea landed a point from a free. The final pass on several other moves was only just off. We were creating the space alright and posing problems. Occasionally the ball was delayed when a quick delivery would have been the best option and maybe we could have taken a point when on offer but you could not fault the effort. Our opponents were in a tough game and knew it.

At half time there was only two points in it. Naomh Fionnbarra 2-7 Kilmacud Crokes 3-2.

All to play for in the second half. However the game was decided as a contest effectively in the first five minutes. Naomh Barróg's quick salvo of 1-2 putting more daylight between the sides. Not that our gallants were for throwing in the towel by any means. The effort remained high but fatigue caused some unforced errors which cost us dearly and try as they did the gap remained unbridgeable. The hard-working Eoin Donnelly, after giving everything at midfield, allowed Niall Prior out to the central area where his pace and physicality caused problems. Neil Mooney's effortless high catching at full back were a standout feature of the second half. Cal Kavanagh looked dangerous every time he surged forward from the half-back line- on another day he might have had several scores.

Our moves at times were eye-catching. We were unlucky not reap more rewards from them. Daegon Morris converted a fine point off his left foot after a flowing move and Colm O' Shea after collecting a brilliant ball, launched "over the top", blazed narrowly over for a point. Ben Rafter pointed from a free and then Oscar "Ossie" O' Farrell converted a penalty in textbook fashion, driving the ball unstoppably just inside the right hand post. Luke Nestor put in an excellent shift on the half-forward line in the second half.

While we chased and harried to the end and played constructive football, Naomh Barróg ran out deserving winners. It is always difficult for a B side coming up against teams of the quality of Naomh Barróg. Not for nothing had they pulverised opponents in thirteen games this season. Nevertheless the effort here bodes well for the future and with plenty of encouragement and practice, these players will continue to grow and improve.

As the tired men or Crokes were warming down and listening to words of comfort from Manager and Selectors, the 'Barrs Manager presented his credentials and offered his feedback that the Crokes B-Team have improved enormously this season and should be very pleased with finishing 4th in the group.

Well done to all!


Under 14 League game played at Ringsend on Saturday 13th October 2012

Kilmacud Crokes 5-9 Clanna Gael 3-11

Clanna Gael Fontenoys have an illustrious and progressive history.

Their grounds at Ringsend comprising two full length pitches are impressive. The clubhouse is homely and there is a grand view from the bar of the action on the main pitch. On the walls of their homely clubhouse are hung many photographs one of which really caught my attention. A forerunner of the club Isles of the Sea, won the Dublin senior football championship in 1900. In 1968 the club won its last Dublin senior football championship with an outstanding team. (That was the era when St Vincents were nigh on unbeatable.) Their descendents have kept the faith and gaelic games flourishes in this area.

If we thought this might be a stroll along the strand we got a rude awakening. This was the proverbial game of two halves. The wind had a major bearing on that but also a more determined attitude from Kilmacud in the second half turned the game on its head after Clanna Gael almost ran riot in the first instalment.

Early on Clans were sharp to the break and sure in first touch in contrast to ourselves. Nevertheless our instinct for survival was present and correct. Some steady handling by Daegon Morris in goal and a tenacious full-back line of Daragh Kennedy, Niall Prior and Michael O' Connor limited the damage to "only" a twelve point deficit at half time. In the half-back line Richard Barnwell, Ben Rafter and Oscar O'Farrell battled the headwind to the best of their ability often bursting foward. Mid-fielders Evan Comerford and Eoin Donnelly fought gamely to hold back the tide and up front wing forward Cal Kavanagh looked particularly dangerous any time the ball located him.

Centre-forward Matt Cahill caught and passed well to create several openings. On the wing Tim Dolan showed great endeavour. Colm O' Shea landed a brace of points and Rory Fitzpatrick one to keep the ship afloat.

Half-time Clanna Gael 3 -6 Kilmacud Crokes 0 -3.

The wind was in our sails for the second leg but more importantly we competed much better and played sensibly. The teamwork, still a work in progress, was good. We pinned Clans back and even though faced with circled-wagons we were making a host of chances. Cal Kavanagh looked jet-propelled as he landed 1- 1 in jig time. Evan Comerford surged from mid-field to post three points over the thirty minutes. Daegon Morris nicked a goal and we were in the game with a shout.

Corner-forward Colm O' Shea warming to the task added another point to his account.

The occasional breakout was dealt with very capably by the in-form Richard Barnwell, Matt Cahill and Cian Moriarty in the half-back line. Full-backs Michael, Niall and Daragh had the "Thou shalt not pass sign" on the door as usual. Our happy knack of scoring goals was crucial and they kept coming: Robert Toolan took his chance with authority, a superb slapdown, a first goal of this type for him, Ben Rafter blasted home and Oscar O'Farrell from distance completely fooled the Clans keeper to net the clincher. Five goals in one half crowned a spirited comeback.

The quality of the play in the second half was excellent; players are coming along nicely in their own good time and the refusal to be beaten augers well for the future.


15th September 2012

Venue: De La Salle National School

Kilmacud Crokes 4-10 Ballyfermot 4-8

The walled pitch at this venue is broad and long with a fine surface to boot. Looking towards the Phoenix Park you would be forgiven for thinking that you were in the heart of the countryside. Lush greenery and trees greets the eyes. There is very little brick or concrete to spoil the vista. Locally known as California Hills, the slopes beyond the pitch were once used as gallops for the young lads to work their horses. No doubt some of the grandsons and great-grandsons of those Cossacks were playing against us.

This was a tough test. With a lot of possession early on and playing some neat football it seemed that we would win in a canter. However we did not maximise our possession and the home side came back strongly to almost finish the game with their noses in front. Evin Comerford opened the scoring with a well-taken point after galloping through the heart of the retreating defence from midfield. This has become a feature of his game. Our forwards are fast and skilful and each is capable of taking a score. Daegon Morris prompted with skill and vision. Oscar O' Farrell won possession and was dangerous every time he got on the ball. Cal Kavanagh notched two points and then was put through for a goal by an early diagonal ball from Tim Dolan. Swiftpost is often best. Tim then turned scorer for two points. Matt Cahill weighed in with a brace of well taken curling points. With a wealth of possession we should have been out of sight.

Ballyfermot were not discouraged and forced us into some sticky situations. Under the cosh the defence was strong and had to be. James Browne in goals was called into action more than once and was sound. Left corner-back Michael O' Connor was as tenacious as ever and was master and commander of his area. Neil Mooney at full-back played confidently and cleared well and long. Right corner-back Luke Nestor played with great enthusiasm. Luke has just returned to the fold which will no doubt delight his uncle Con O' Cleary the stalwart full-back of the 1995 All-Ireland winning team. Tá fáilte romhat ar ais Luke! The half- time tallies showed us four points to the good. Having had the wind in our sails and the better of the possession and territorial stats, it was slightly disappointing that the result was still in the balance. We would have to be on our toes as we turned to face the breeze and Ballyfermot's comeback.

Half-time score. Kilmacud Crokes 1-6 to Ballyfermot 1-2

What wind? Reassuringly we took the game to our opponents with strong running and good use of possession early into the man in the best position. If you do that the scores will come. Evin Comerford as is his wont surged forward to find Matt Cahill who jinked inside his man - Goal! Almost immediately Matt turned provider passing into the path of Rory Fitzpatrick arriving at pace - Cúl eile! The Blitzkrieg was completed not long after when the lively Colm O'Shea arrived to fasten on to Cahill's rebound off the cross-bar to drive hard and low into the bottom corner. This passage of play demonstrated a lot of potential.

But you can't stop and admire your handiwork and soon Ballyfermot stormed back and were clocking up goals of their own. The collective brow of the management team became increasingly furrowed. The exchanges were tough but a superb half-back line of Eoin Donnelly, Niall Prior and Cian Moriarty were in no mood to capitulate. Playing with utmost bravery they stopped Ballyfermot in their tracks time and again. With such spirit the future is surely bright for them and this team.

As the finishing post neared, Ballyfermot threw everything at us and our forays up field were few and far between. James Browne saved superbly; Calum Rafferty made an outstanding block. Centre-back Niall Prior fought for a ball ferociously. The resultant free resulted in a point from Tim Dolan. Mid-fielder Richard Barnwell also won an unglamorous ball the end product of which was another point from the busy Rory Fitzpatrick. Thee spadework to these scores was crucial to us holding out. Eoin Donnelly revelled in the cut and thrust of this helter-skelter passage - no better man! Wing-forwards. Colum O' Shea and Cal Kavanagh also performed the often unseen work of getting back to help out the defence and relieving the pressure. Every little bit helps!

The finishing post arrived - we got there by a short head. Well done to all on a great effort and for providing an entertaining game. And, there is more to come!


Under 14 League Division 5

John Paul Park 21st June 2012

Kilmacud Crokes 2-3 Naomh Fionbarra 7-15

The dark grey skies freighted with fine rain were foreboding; Monsoon weather descended on the M50. Hard to believe the gloom on the day of summer solstice. The longest day of the year and this would be a long game! The home side are part of an impressive community set up located at John Paul Park, Cabra otherwise known as "The Bogies". All sorts of activities were going on inside the centre. I heard the strains of a local band rehearsing Sam Cooke's immortal "Stand by Me" used so evocatively in the wonderful film "Stand By Me". That lightened my humour straight away. There was Tae Kwon Do training in another area. All in all a veritable hive of activity and community joie de vivre in the midst of the doom and gloom of the day and prevailing economic weather.

Naomh Fionnbarra are a fine and tough team sitting atop the league table with a one hundred per cent record. They also got to the final of Division 4 Féile and no wonder as they are packed with excellent ball players at least five of whom would be starters on our "A" team. As stated before such is the lot of the "B" team". Not much went right prior to the game. Three eleventh hour withdrawals and our golfers Matt Cahill and Rory Fitzpatrick were late arrivals from the course all of which did not auger well. When the ball was finally thrown in nothing much went right either. The Barrs' greater heft and skill was immediately evident which together with a very determined approach was hard to contend with. Nevertheless our lads gamely "hung in there" and performed to the best of their abilities. You can't ask for more than that.

Once the white flag had been raised the busiest man/boy on the pitch was James Browne in goal. The home team were fast out of the stalls. James reached many the goal-bound shot and always searched for teammates with his kick outs and clearances. Michael O' Connor who always plays with great whole-heartedness was like the little Dutch boy plugging gaps in the dyke right, left and centre. Niall Prior's pace and commitment at full-back once again produced numerous interceptions. Even John Terry would have been proud of the tally. Our over-worked half-back line of Cian Moriarty, Michael Kearns and Robert Toolan worked furiously to hold back the tide of runners from mid-field and beyond. In the first half in particular our rearguard were like warriors of old and even though our lines were eventually breached there was something noble with the way our lads stood up and were counted. To their credit they never "dropped the head."

Mid-fielders Eoin Donnelly and Ben Rafter battled bravely against the odds to provide some fodder for our forwards. Manager Brendan Toolan feared a complete whitewash but just before the break full forward Matt Cahill courageously collected an "awkward" ball and released the liathróid quickly to Cal Kavanagh who was fouled. Ben Rafter remained cool to score from the free-kick. Only a point yet our duck was broken and our spirits lifted.

Half-time score Naomh Fionnbarra 5- 6 to Kimacud Crokes 0-1.

The trials and tribulations of the first half were set aside as we came out fighting early doors in the second half. In a ten minute spell we recorded 2-2 against 0-1. To start the fight back off, Matt Cahill collected bravely on the touchline and placed a great pass into to Oscar O'Farrell's path. The ball was "squared" for Daegon Morris who calmly slotted a goal. Matt, who was giving a fine over all performance, then notched a point as did the ever reliable free-kicker Ben Rafter. The tireless Oscar blasted to the net shortly after. We were on a roll and our opponents were rattled. A few more decent chances went a begging.

Naomh Fionnbarra re-inforced their team and gradually re-asserted themselves. The comeback although short-lived was uplifting and our commitment remained true to the end. Eoin Donnelly dropped back to full back and gave hints of future great performances there. Likewise Niall Prior tried the mid-field station and proved he might be an option there in time. His bloodied nose was a testament to unflinching effort. Even as our opponents motored into the distance we made the chances. Rory Fitzpatrick ran fifty yards at pace to shoot narrowly wide. Meanwhile "back at the ranch" James Browne made a brilliant double save. Cal Kavanagh surged forward and was unlucky not to score on a few occasions. Michael Kearns hampered by injury bravely soldiered to the end - true grit indeed.

Afterwards there was no one downcast and if anything the mood was optimistic. We had performed to our utmost particularly in the second half. There is no disgrace in being beaten by superior firepower. Potential again was shown in spades. At this age wins, cups and league placings are unimportant in the development of players. Much more important now is to give players chances to develop skill and knowledge of a position and to let them make, their mistakes pressure-free. I read in one of those "Thought for the Day" calendars today that "Every experience you have is designed to make you stronger" They will learn a lot from this game and draw on the camaraderie and fighting spirit shown.

Matt Cahill

P.S. The Bogies was a rail network set out for when the houses in Cabra were being built in the 1930s. This network was used for moving material around the site and for transporting soil which had been removed from the sites. These items were put on iron bogies which ran on the network. Local children also used to play on these bogies and that is how the Barrs pitch got its name. Not a lot of people know that!


Kilmacud Crokes B 2-6 St Finians 3-20

Played on Saturday the 9th June 2012 ( Away)

It is often said that the most important year in the develoment of a footballer is the year after the Féile competition. When the dust finally settles players will continue playing, hopefully, whatever the experience of the big day itself. It is important to remember that the under 14 year is only one year in the development of a footballer and is no more important than any other year in reality. Thankfully, our players in this game showed renewed enthusiasm for playing Gaelic football.

This game was a perfect example of the plight of any B team. St Finians had three players who would walk if not sprint on to our A team and be "stars of the show". Take them out and this would have been a close game or conversely if we had one or two A players the imbalance would have been corrected. This familiar screnario is very hard to combat and demoralising at times but in fairness our players never gave up. That is all you can ask for. There was still plenty to be positive about as there you usually is if you look hard enough and take the long view.

James Browne bravely manned the goalkeeping station and made several fine saves all through. His long kicking was another noteworthy feature. Half-back Eoin Bleakely promoted for the day gave a wholehearted display and might be made permanent after this game. Niall Prior on the edge of the square used his considerable pace to plug gaps time and again. Cian Moriarty was in sterling form at wing-back. Although dealing with difficult opponents Evan Comerford and Peter Sylvester at mid-field had good games. Evan started the move of the game with a typical surge and punt- pass to Matt Cahill who collected the ball on the right wing - a good ball in found Ben Rafter who scored with authority. Good kicked-passes and a neat score - It is a simple game really! Our only other score of the first half came again from Evan Comerford who ran at least thirty yards or more with the ball before driving over the bar against the stiff wind. In fairness the strong breeze was influential on our inability to record more scores. Nevertheless, we had our chances and should have been a bit closer at half-time.

Half-time score St Finians 1-9 to Kilmacud 0-2

Buffeted by the wind we expected more of the play and got it but the St Finian's ball carriers really came into their own now. Try as we might we could not counteract them. Their phenomenal point-taking also added to the up-hill task. At the back cornerbacks Michael O'Connor and Daragh Kennedy's never-say-die attitude showed potential for the future. It is the corner stone.. Half-forward Daithi Sultan who did say dye (was it a purple streak?) prompted well and weaved just like big brother Barney captain of the recently victorious under 16 championship team. Now that is a compliment! Under 13 draftee Mark McClatchie was solid and diligent at centre-back. The mercurial and

pacey Dillon Fox recovered from injury and was very lively and scored an excellent goal and point to offer hope. Evan Comerford again in the van scored two more fine points.

Right to the very end we tried and Robert Toolan got reward for persistence to goal near the close. Wandering further afield than his corner-forward bailiwick Rory Fitzpatrick won priceless possession. Centre-forward Ben Rafter urged on the troops by word and deed. Daragh Jones at left half-forward played on the "soggy" side of the pitch in the first half- in truth it was unplayable. The marsh in the Bird Sanctuary at Booterstown might have been as easy to run on but Daragh worked very hard in the circumstances.

Chances were made and missed. Naturally with the deficit increasing goals became a priority. Points went abegging which would have put a better sheen on the "old scoreboard" as Bruce Forsyth used to say. Heads were held up high in spite of the St Finian onslaught. They did themselves and the club proud.There would be a lot of hope for the future with this group players. On this evidence some must already be knocking on the "A" door. All that is needed is time and encouragement.

February 25th 2012

Kilmacud Crokes 2-4 Cuala 2-5

An unusually hot day for February brought the Italians to D4 (C'mon Ireland) and the Crokes to Killiney. This being the third league fixture of the 2012 season, it was a key match and against opponents that had comfortably beaten the Kilmacud men in a January friendly.

Neil Mooney continues his endeavours between the sticks and was tested early by a sea of red jerseys, first point went to Cuala. Tim Dolan and Evin Comerford returned the serve, Tim netting a fine goal and single point with Evin pitching two balls over the bar. Ben Rafter worked harder than ever in full back and was supported this week on either side by Michael O'Connor and Daragh Kennedy. Michael Kearns performed bravely at left half back, retiring at half time with a swelling knee. Eoin Donnelly and Robert Toolan completed the half back trio and were solid in their execution. The scoreboard on the half time whistle showed a 1-3 to 0-3 lead to the purple and gold.

Any sign of player fatigue was swept aside in the half time dialogue delivered by the Management Team; Manager Toolan and Selectors O'Connor and Browne!

The second half saw Crokes defending their lead, and more strong displays from Michael Silvester and Evin Comerford saw a second goal for the visitors. The forward men of Aidan Kelly, Dagon Morris and Matt Cahill worked tirelessly but Cuala could not be faulted in their defence. Richard Barnwell and Oscar O'Farrell were determined in their play and Niall Prior made life hell for the Cuala half-backs - well done Niall!

What a great day for football, but life can be cruel! Leave an opponent enough space on the 45 yard line late in the game and there is always the danger that a kick for a point creeps in under the bar ... and guess what!

The final score was a Cuala win by 2-5 against Crokes 2-4.

Man of the match: Evin Comerford
Squad: Neil Mooney, Michael O'Connor, Ben Rafter, Daragh Kennedy, Eoin Donnelly, James Browne, Robert Toolan, Evin Comerford, Michael Silvester, Dagon Morris, Tim Dolan, Niall Prior, Oscar O'Farrell, Matt Cahill, Richard Barnwell, Aidan Kelly

February 18th 2012

Silver Park

Kilmacud Crokes 4-3 Naomh Fionnbarra 8-11

This second match of the season was a home time at Silverpark played in a cold wind against Naomh Fionnbarra of Cabra. The opponents bus was late arriving, even AA Roadwatch were on the lookout fro them on the M50! Unfortunately the visitors didn't make even one wrong turn once they arrived at the Silverpark meadow!

Neil Mooney started in goal once again and was kept busy throughout the tie. The Cabra men were two goals and one point up before the ever present Cal Kavanagh snatched a fine goal to open the Crokes account. Ben Rafter worked hard in full back and was supported on either side by Michael O'Connor and Aidan Kelly. Tim Dolan and Robert Toolan fired the ball up the pitch at every opportunity, and a second goal from the boot of Dillon Fox was the most that the Kilmacud men could manage against their strong counterparts. The deficit was 4-8 to 2-0 at half time - not what was planned by KC Manager and Selectors earlier that morning. It was definitely time for an inspirational speech from Manager Toolan and Selectors O'Connor and Browne!

The second half saw Crokes playing with the wind, and coupled with the hot air from the sidelines this did help matters. Michael Silvester was available to the team on mid-term break from Clongowes Wood and slotted straight back in to his midfield general role, Evin Comerford was replaced in midfield by Eoin Donnelly in the second half - both playing super football either side of the break.

The half forward group was comprised of Dagon Morris, Matt Cahill and Cal Kavanagh as half forwards, with Dagon being replaced by Niall Prior in the second half. Rory Fitzpatrick, James Brown and Oscar O'Farrell threatened on the front line but against tough markers. A second goal from the Cal Kavanagh doubled his tally, and Niall Prior registered his first goal for the Crokes - well done to both.
Small consolation to the Crokes was that the opponents were held back to only 2 goals and three points in the second half, an improvement on the first half. Well done to Naomh Fionnbarra on a deserved win - we'll see you on the return leg if we don't get lost on the M50!

February 4th 2012

Kilmacud Crokes 3-8 Scoil Ui Chonail 2-5

St Anne's Park

This first match of the season was a trip to the Northside to play in difficult conditions against Scoil Ui Chonail. The Crokes lads obviously had much time to think about the opposition on a long journey in cross town traffic, and the musing clearly paid off on the pitch once the referee threw in the ball!

The first half took some time to settle down; there was plenty of competition for the ball but both sides behaving well under the Referee's watchful eye. Neil Mooney started in goal and wore the white jersey with more pride than the Kildare man. Evin Comerford opened the score for Crokes with a well taken point and Rory Fitzpatrick takes the honour of first goal in the 2012 campaign. Michael Kearns, Michael O'Connor, Dillon Fox and Robert Toolan battled cheek by jowl in defence with their marked opponents while Captain Tim Dolan displayed sheer perfection in his ball handling and marshalled the middle of the field with confidence. Eoin Donnelly hooked in well with Evin Comerford and added two points to the scoreboard to prove himself worthy of his player award from the previous season. With a late point in the half from Dillon Fox, the half time score of 1-05 to 1-03 favoured the men in the purple and gold!

The second half saw Crokes consolidate their dominance in the match. Rory Fitzpatrick added a second goal to his tally, and Eoin Donnelly added two more points to his stats. A late goal from super sub Richard Barnwell and point from full forward James Brown had the scoreboard ticking away light a digital watch. Hard competition for the ball from Tom Cordial and Matt Cahill saw Scoil struggle to move the ball up the pitch and move in on goal, and on the occasions that they did their efforts were frustrated by an on form Neil Mooney between the sticks. Cal Kavanagh and Niall Prior gave the Crokes forwards a shot in the arm with their introduction in the second half and fought hard for every ball.
Goal and point scores were evenly spread across the on form Crokes men, and the final score of 3-8 to 2-5 register the team's first win in Division 5. Well done to all players, and more work to be done in training - it's a long way to end of season presentations!

Man of the Match: Tim Dolan

Squad: Neil Mooney, Dillon Fox, Tim Dolan, Robert Toolan, Michael O'Connor, Daragh Kennedy, Cal Kavanagh, Eoin Donnelly, Evin Comerford, Dagon Morris, Matt Cahill, Oscar O'Farrell, Rory Fitzpatrick, James Browne, Richard Barnwell, Niall Prior