Crokes Under 11 Faced two Hard Matches against Faughs

Crokes 7-6 Faughs 4-8

A great game between two evenly matched teams, started with great speed. Crokes were very keen to get started but were rattled by 4 great points by Faughs before Crokes settled in and began to fight back. Early battles by Tom Duke, Ciaran Ramsay and Peter Herlihy helped Crokes fight back to within 1 point at half time.

At the start of the second half Crokes began really to fight back, with Mikey Crowley,Sean Keating and some very cool puck outs by Stan O Neill in goal begin to take effect. Luke Hanrahan and Brian Furey played very well in defence with Luke being kept very busy.

 Up front Karl Wolfe, a great goal by Cian Montegue and some fabulous defending by Kieran Ramsay helped get Crokes on top. However Chris Bennett at number 18 for Faughs was a constant threat and had a free saved by Tom Duke off the line. Sean Lowry and Hugh McVeigh worked hard and were very good for Faughs. Conor Flynn was very committed when he joined the fray. Both teams showed great commitment and some outstanding line balls by Tom Duke along with some fine running by Sean Keating and Mikey Crowly made for a very entertaining game.

The boys signed a get well card for Andrew Liffey who broke his elbow in two places from the trampoline. A big thank you to all the parents who helped us fulfil this fixture.

Faughs 1-13 Crokes 2-9

A nail biting finish meant that Crokes were pipped at the end of what was a very entertaining match. Crokes lined out with a very determined setup, they knew that Faughs had a good set of backs and that scores were going to be very hard to come by. Crokes set about their task very well with Craig Lawlor doing well in defence, Tadhg Murphy in defence playing deep and well and Stephen Doyle at mid field and attack. Mark Hallam put in a great performance and Sean Crowe stuck to his task with relish. Up front the forwards worked hard but found the Faughs backs tough to deal with. Conor Gowing did well in goal, Stephen Barr faced stiff opposition from his man. Colin Symth, Cian Wade, Kevin Culligan all worked hard and showed great determination and effort up front. If this level of commitment continues then we will have no doubt but the scoring magic will return again.

A big thank you to all the parents and well done to all.