Declared leagues as of 12 November 2009

as of Thursday 12th November ( excluding results of Sat/Sun 15th/16th November)
U11 Division 1A 2 Teams HL        
U11 Division 1B 2 Teams HL        
U11 Division 2A 2 Teams HL St Brigids      
U11 Division 2B 2 Teams HL Whitehall Colmcille   St Brigids  
U11 Division 3A 2 Teams HL St Judes   Erins Isle  
U11 Division 3B 2 Teams HL St Judes   O'Tooles  
U11 Division 1 1 Team HL        
U11 Division 2 1 Team HL St Finians S   Skerries Harps  
U11 Division 3 1 Team HL Setanta   Cluain Tarbh 2  
U12 Division 1 HL        
U12 Division 2 HL        
U12 Division 3 HL        
U12 Division 4 HL        
U12 Division 5 HL St Brigids      
U12 Division 6 HL        
U13 Division 1 HL Na Fianna A      
U13 Division 2 HL Cluain Tarbh   Scoil Ui Chonaill A  
U13 Division 3 HL        
U13 Division 4 HL Setanta    BSJ  
U14 Division 1 HL Kilmacud Crokes   Cuala A  
U14 Division 2 HL St Judes   Nh OP/ER  
U14 Division 3 HL St Marks   Kevins H.C.  
U14 Division 4 HL BSJ   St Finians S  
U15 Division 1 HL BBSE    Cuala   
U15 Division 2 HL St Peregrines   St Sylvesters  
U15 Division 3 HL Kevins H.C.   Setanta  
U15 Division 4 HL Thomas Davis   Skerries Harps  
U16 Division 1 HL        
U16 Division 2 HL St Judes      
U16 Division 3A HL O'Tooles   Raheny  
U16 Division 3B HL Round Towers C      
U11 Group 1A North FL        
U11 Group 1B North FL        
U11 Group 2A North FL Castleknock   Nh Barrog  
U11 Group 2B North FL Raheny   St Brigids  
U11 Group 3A North FL Whitehall Colmcille   Nh Mearnog  
U11 Group 3B North FL Whitehall Colmcille   O'Tooles  
U11 Group 1 North 1 Team FL        
U11 Group 2 North 1 Team FL Skerries Harps   St Brigids 2  
U12 Division 1 North FL Ballymun Kickhams   Na Fianna 2  
U12 Division 2 North FL        
U12 Division 3 North FL Craobh Chiaráin   Whitehall Colmcille  
U12 Division 4 North FL        
U12 Division 5 North FL        
U12 Division 6 North FL Parnells      
U11 Group 1A South FL        
U11 Group 1B South FL St Judes   Cuala 1  
U11 Group 2A South FL        
U11 Group 2B South FL Kilmacud Crokes 2      
U11 Group 1 South 1 Team FL Geraldine P.Moran   St Marys S  
U11 Group 2 South 1 Team FL Good Counsel      
U12 Division 1 South FL Kilmacud Crokes 1   Ballyboden St Enda 1  
U12 Division 2 South FL Ballyfermot DLS   Kilmacud Crokes 2  
U12 Division 3 South FL Ballybodden St Enda 3      
U12 Division 4 South FL Westmanstown   St Patricks P  
U13 Division 1 FL        
U13 Division 2 FL        
U13 Division 3 FL        
U13 Division 4 FL        
U13 Division 5 FL        
U13 Division 6 FL        
U13 Division 7 FL        
U13 Division 8 FL        
U14 Division 1 FL        
U14 Division 2 FL        
U14 Division 3 FL St Brigids   Thomas Davis A  
U14 Division 4 FL        
U14 Division 5 FL        
U14 Division 6 FL        
U14 Division 7 FL        
U15 Division 1 FL Kilmacud Crokes A      
U15 Division 2 FL Nh. Mearnog       
U15 Division 3 FL        
U15 Division 4 FL O'Tooles      
U15 Division 5 FL        
U16 Division 1 FL        
U16 Division 2 FL        
U16 Division 3 FL Thomas Davis   St Marks  
U16 Division 4 FL        
U16 Division 5 FL        
U16 Division 6 FL Cu Chulainn