Update on Club Planning Application

The Executive of the Club is, as you know, working hard to scope out the opportunities for development of our facilities as part of the implementation of our Strategic Plan.

Part of that process is to determine the options available on our Glenalbyn site. We have, as you will have seen and been previously advised, applied for planning permission to upgrade and extend Pairc de Burca. The first stage of that planning process is now complete and DLRCC have refused the permission applied for (DLRCC decision is available on their website - ref number D14A/0079). The positive is that the Club is now very clear on the issues to be addressed in order to secure permission for development of Pairc de Burca. The Executive is currently considering the position and will shortly make a decision as to our next step.

It is important to stress that no decision has been made to develop Pairc de Burca. Any such decision will be taken by the members at a general meeting. The Executive is currently engaged only in identifying the possibilities available to the members in terms of developing Pairc de Burca. Further updates will follow in due course.