A word of thanks from Tom Rock

Dear All
I would like to thank you all most sincerely for a job well done this year. The 5th of September and the economic climate existing at the moment made this at the very least quite a challenging  year but one that you as a group worked together and overcome. I believe that it was quite an achievement that despite the prevailing conditions and the air of doom and gloom we had sixty four teams competing on the day. That is well over 600 players with grounds prepared and ready to receive them. To add to this we also produced a seventy six page brochure, the best I have ever seen in the club.
This work was not done in isolation from the rest of the Hurling Section or other club members but you as a group took key leadership roles and ensured that the organisation and lead up to event ran smoothly This year we took new initiatives with the Hurling Wall competition in conjunction with Croke Park and of course the presentation to Martin White. Your support in assisting with these events and ensuring their success is appreciated.
The media were again well represented, with Newstalk, RTE Television Sport and RTE Radio Sport. This once again emphasises the growing popularity and prestige of the Hurling Sevens day.
We had a large number of personnel from our sponsors present on the day and I know they were impressed with the day itself and all the work leading up to it. For that, and all your time given voluntarily, I once again thank you. On a personal  level I want to thank you all for your kindness, unfailing courtesy and help you all gave me in what was a bit of a difficult few months for me.
Kink Regards
Tom Rock  

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