Fun Run with Brendan and Our Dublin Ladies

There was a bit of extra excitement at nursery last saturday as the annual fun run began, but this year, Brendan Martin and the Dublin Ladies joined in. Molly, Lauren, Aoife and Julia brought the cup along and were immediately swarmed with excited girls who have dreams of one day doing the same as this Dublin team, as we are sure many of them will.

Our Dublin ladies were like pied pipers as the girls were asking for autographs and looking to lift the cup. There was one last lap of the pitch with Brendan, Molly, Lauren, Julia and Aoife, and the challege was set to try and beat the Dublin Ladies...which many of the girls and boys managed to do...the future of Dublin Ladies football is bright :)

See if you can spot yourselves in the pictures below :)

Photographs: Barbara Monahan