LGFA Gaelic 4 Teens Club Visit – 3 August 2021

Tuesday 3 August saw the next stage of our participation in the LGFA Gaelic 4 Teens FY21 programme with the Club Visit.  We were delighted to be joined by Gaelic 4 Teens ambassador, Sinead Delahunty and LGFA representative Linda Monahan in Marlay Park. The purpose of the visit was to allow our own KC LF coaches observe a trained LGFA coach demonstrating in a 45 minute session all the coaching skills promoted via the Gaelic 4 Teens programme.
The session was made possible by the participation of 10 of the players from the current u15 group (2006 group), who were magnificent during the session. Sinead put the girls through their paces in the 45 minute session and Linda facilitated some good discussion amongst the 18 KC LF coaches that had attended with a particular focus on how Sinead applied the Gaelic Games Coaching Principles of : 1) Enjoyment , 2) Challenging , 3) Involving all Players, 4) Player Centred, 5) Decision-Making, 6) Looks like the Game in the session.
Hopefully everyone enjoyed the session and took away a learning from it. A big thanks to Sinead Delahunty & Linda Monaghan for giving up their time to come along to the session, to the 18 KC LF coaches that came along on the night and who were very engaged throughout the session. Finally, a big thanks to the 10 players from the u15 group (2006 group) who came along on the night, without them the session would not have been possible.
Fergus McCormack