Diversity & Inclusion

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Kilmacud Crokes has a long history of welcoming and coaching all the children that turn up for training. 

In December 2015, Kevin Mulligan was the Healthy Club Officer at the time and formally led the development of Sports for All within our club. His working group met with the managers of successful inclusive teams from different sporting backgrounds. After many meetings, research and visiting training sessions, our All Stars team was born.

In the summer of 2018, we had our first Inclusive Multi-Sport Camps. It was a natural progression from the Inclusion sessions. Fortunately, as time has gone on, more children with disabilities are showing up at the nursery for training with their peers. Children with more complex needs are coming along to Friday Sports Club. 

Kilmacud Crokes formally committed to Disability inclusion in 2020, when the Club Executive approved 2 new policies- Disability and Special Needs Policy and Inclusion Policy in 2020. Sport is a powerful tool that can be used to impact positive changes in society. We recognise that participation in sport is a basic human right. 

Why is it important to be an Inclusive Club? 

We are all aware of the Physical health & Wellbeing benefits of sport, but being part of a club and community gives so much more. We recognise the importance of having a sense of belonging, being valued, part of a community of like-minded people and social connection. As an adult, it is also an opportunity to volunteer/coach, give back to the community, learn new skills, to meet new friends and maybe kickstart your own return to fitness. 

Being part of a sports team helps to develop skills, improved fitness, learning how to win, how to lose, to be respectful and to be resilient. You will learn Leadership and decision making skills, to deal with disappointment and celebrate as a community. A sports club is an important place to form friendships outside of school, where sometimes children struggle.

It is the same for those with a disability, and maybe more important. They may find school difficult, they may attend a school outside of their community. Physical fitness may be particularly important for their health & wellbeing, depending on their disability.

We are already an inclusive club, we are striving to do it better.

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