What does Inclusion look like in our club?

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The activities can vary from open to all to fully separate and everything in between. Sometimes we can think of “inclusion” as everyone participating together, but some activities simply are not suitable for all or it may not be the best option for a particular session. 

Inclusion can range from: 

  • One session suitable for all 
  • Modified Session - suitable for all, with few modification eg cones closer together, simplify drill 
  • Parallel - Similar drills side by side, with more modifications eg larger ball, tactile ball, ball with bell
  • Reverse Integration - Players who does not have a disability take part in a drill with person with disability e.g. coach taking child to side for 1:1 coaching, small group training with person with  a disability
  • Separate session - Friday Sports Club - Tailored sessions to suit the individual

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