Annual Club Benevolent draw - Saturday December 9th at 9pm.

The Annual Club Benevolent draw will take place in the club  on Saturday December 9th at 9pm. This is always a great fun night of music and comedy. Free admission.  All donations for prizes very welcome and can be dropped into the club ahead of the draw or on the night. Raffle tickets also available in the club and on the night. Please support this great club night.  All proceeds to the fund.

The Club Benevolent fund was put in place by members to help and support members who might need some support or assistance on occasion. It is up to all of us as members to be conscious of the existence of the fund and to know that if we perceive a need, or have a need ourselves, a word to the confidentially operated Benevolent Committee will ensure that the matter will be sensitively explored and support given where the recipient might be happy to have that happen. All contacts with a member of the Committee will be treated in confidence and with the utmost privacy. Please keep the fund in mind and if you would like to make the Committee aware of any matter which you feel is worth exploring or about which you are aware contact Paddy Walsh, John Baker, Donie Dowling, Gerry Greene, Kevin Foley, Pat Halpin or Frank Rutledge.