John Leonard: Speaker, Former Dublin Player, Award Winning Writer

John shares his inspiring story. Function Room, Glenalbyn House, 8pm on 25 February 2016


Introducing John Leonard

John has lived a rollercoaster life. He has lived as a talented sportsman, playing for Dublin, the team of his boyhood dreams. He has lived as a man escaping the daemons of childhood sexual abuse with 15 years in an abyss of alcoholism and drugs.More recently he has lived as “The Sober Paddy” sharing honestly his experiences in choosing sobriety and overcoming Irish drink culture.


With a complete change of direction, John is currently travelling the world long term, filming documentary films and content for kids with the intention of inspiring them that they can make a difference. His autobiography “Dub Sub Confidential” was recently awarded Setanta Sports Book of the Year. When he is in Ireland, John shares his inspiring story with teens, his key message is:

“Bad stuff happens, but how you choose to react will define your life.”


John's talk will cover:

  • How to create and live a winning mentality
  • How to react when things go wrong
  • Dealing with failure
  • How to take the positive out of life's biggest challenges
  • You are in control of your life whether you like it or not
  • How to be sober and still be cool
  • The impact of using alcohol as an escape
  • How to succeed in life, no matter what you do


John's talk will target young people in the 15-21 age bracket