Well what another fantastic day. Little or nothing from my Type 3 roomie last night, can't see that lasting,going on previous experience. 

Up early again and a super breakfast in the hotel and out on the road for 8 o clock. Legs were a little bit tired for the first 10k but then warmed up nicely. We were joined today by Pat Rowley,super lady and one of our BCI ambassadors and not a bad cyclist either. Pat had done yesterday's spin with the group that had gone down early and is joining group 1 for the rest of the journey. Our first task today was to do 30k into Tralee and do the photo shoot for Randles Nissan garage who are 1 of our sponsors. Narrow roads and early morning traffic meant Kev had to split us up into 2 sub groups. A task he handled quite well actually after yesterday's fiasco. About 15k into the spin we came to an unexpected T junction and somebody (in a distinct Cork accent)shouted "go left,go left" myself and 4 others followed the instructions and proceeded out the road about a mile before we realised we were on our own. So now we had to turn back and do our best to catch the others(including Kev)which I knew was impossible as we were about 5 mins behind. Now I was dreading our arrival at the garage as I knew I was going to get an unmerciful ribbing from Kev after what I wrote yesterday. Anyway we eventually arrived at the garage and I couldn't believe our luck...Yes the bould Kev had gotten lost again and we were waiting 2 mins for his arrival. Well I've never seen him looking so sheepish. I had a massive smirk on my face but Bradley had a much bigger one !!

From here we travelled another 40k down to Tarbert for the ferry to Killimer in the Banner county,stopping on the way by the roadside for Pat Rowley to do a radio interview for Galway FM,another reminder of why we're doing this. Then another 10k to Kilrush golf club for lunch. I noticed Kev and Bradley weren't sitting together and neither Burkie or Bart would sit with me after last nights report.

From here group 1 detoured to Kilkee and out the coast to see the spectacular sea stacks down that coastline,well worth the extra 30k. Then we zipped down to Quilty to Burkies parents house where we were treated to tea,coffee,drinks and incredible amount of Apple tarts and biscuits. We were the last group to arrive but each of the other groups had called before us and had been fed too,what an incredible gesture of support to all of us !!

From here it was a final 20k down to Lehinch  where we're staying tonight. Another 160k done today,can't believe I'm still hanging in there with group 1. Maybe it's the company.....Syed, a 25 yr old medical student who's putting us all to shame on the road. Burkie,an ex footballer whose trying to launch a new career as a cyclist....he'll never make it !! Don o Shea, a gent,who dispite all the early warnings to get your bike serviced,didn't bother just to keep Liam o Carroll (overall road captain)busy all day today trying to get him back on the road !! Kevin Coakley, our current leader who's threading a very thin line at the moment,Don the gent,offered him a compass today to help to try to extend his tenure of the position !! Mark Gregg a level 3 roomie that I'm hoping to promote to level 2 by the end of the week !! Tommy Doran the silent assassin who rolls up beside you for a chat and then takes off like a rocket before you know what's hit you !! Pat the cop, Conlon,who takes absolutely no shit from anyone but can get really cranky if he doesn't take his meds on time !! Bart o Connor an out of work Olive oil salesman whose restricted to plastic cutlery for the remainder of the trip, for his,and our safety !! Finally Louis the Go Pro on the head man,who's constantly looking at the scenery instead of the road and is a bigger threat to all of us than Bart !!

Finally, chatting to some of the girls today,apparently they rate their roomies in a much simpler manner.....Those that bring a hairdryer and those that don't !!

Chat tomorrow. 

Regards Donie.