Kilmacud Crokes Sports Inclusion Program Update

Dear Club Members and Friends,

As you may or may not be aware, 2017 was a year of inclusion for ALL, regardless of gender, age, race or ability in numerous organisations in Ireland and in Europe. We in Kilmacud Crokes are delighted to be apart of this and this year as part of the Kilmacud Crokes Kick Start Crokes Initiative, we are offering a Sport 4 All community fitness program, to ensure sporting and social opportunities for ALL.

The aim of the program is to provide a safe fitness opportunity for those whom the mainstream GAA sports are unsuitable.

For club members, for their non-club member friends, grandparents, parents, children, people with disabilities, people without disabilities, people with Special Needs, people without Special Needs, people who are currently part of teams and people who are not part of any team, people who want to kick start their fitness, people who think their playing days are over, the net is wide and varied, and EVERYONE is welcome to join us in this Sport 4 All community fitness program initiative.

 We will be running this program on Sunday’s at 2pm in the paddock for some fun and running, and we would love for you to join us. Sign up to the Sport 4 All community fitness program as part of the Kick Start Crokes Initiative on Sunday 14th January at 8pm in the Club House as a participant or as a VERY welcomed volunteer and be a part of a revolution in inclusivity in GAA.