Our 2nd Sensory Santa ... what a success for all involved


A huge thank you to all involved and especially to Clare Boyle for pulling the whole thing together. There were a number of components that made it a success, from transforming the function room into a magical grotto, people welcoming the families, the singer Niamh, our face painters, people on the floor and those serving teas & coffees, Ben for setting up the sound system, our elves - big and small and then all those who helped to put it all away for another year!

It was great to see an increase in the number of children who struggled with the environment and the feeling wasl we met their needs very well. Those that needed a quiet space, were brought straight to the quiet room or given time to settle where they were happy - outside the grotto or 'hidden inside' the grotto. 

Everyone left with a photo with Santa, which wasn't always easy. Santa was amazing and managed to win over all the kids in the end using many different skills,  We think  he may have trained as an SNA since last year!

It was great to see two adults with intellectual disabilities coming along  also and this added a new dimension.

Some grandparents came too. Grandparents benefit from seeing society embracing disability and that their grandchildren will grow up in an inclusive world with opportunities. Whilst we still have much progress to make in terms of disability inclusion, it is a completely different world compared to 50 years ago. 

Mrs Claus was a huge success! The kids certainly were eager to interact and have photos with Mrs C, which help prepare the kids for seeing Santa. There was more excitement less fear.

Another huge success was our other special guests - our senior ladies & men's football players. It is great that our young players get to meet their heroes so often. The players are so generous with their time. 

We are very grateful for the donations from Ladies Football and Coiste. The families were delighted with the very generous gifts - branded KC bags, selection boxes and a chocolate coin. The Village Cafe provided all the Teas and Coffees, huge thanks to Linda, Michael and their team.

Thanks also to Ronnie for all his hidden work on getting this and all the messages and posts out on the website and social media channels.

Again it was another really successful day, in which everyone involved enjoyed. It was particularly great to see so many new faces and young players getting involved. If anyone has any ideas on what we could have included or improve on please let us know. One suggestion so far was storytime on the bean bags for kids!

Thanks to all of those who have been involved in our Healthy Club for 2019. 

Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020 - Kiera Brown KC Healthy Club Wellbeing Officer