Shout Out for Mini All Ireland Jerseys / T Shirts For A Good Cause

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Fr. Conor asked if there were any jerseys he would gladly accept them on behalf of the orphanage he works with.

Ask is that as the Minis gets up and running that if any families have spare jerseys at home that are no longer being used to please bring them in – they will find a new home. 

As you can see below they were put to great use and very much appreciated.    

“The footballs and jerseys arrived by ship last week and are now circulating bringing much joy to many. They were stored at Queen of Peace Church in Merrion, then transported to London last October via Kennedy Movers, Waterford. From London they came by container to Nairobi and were delivered to the school where I live.

Moses with whom I work is now distributing them. The photo shows a school in Gitugu, Muranga, in rural Kenya about 2 hours from Nairobi. The students now have shirts with Kilmacud Crokes on the front and Gallimh, Corcaigh or Ciari on the back! Moses is giving out the footballs also. In the poorer areas for a football the kids bind old newspapers together into a ball and tie them up. That is what they use for a football, so a new, real leather football is a dream. The principal of the school has written a thank you note, attached. Football photos to follow.

Very many thanks to all at Kilmacud Crokes who made this venture possible.”

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