Sudden Death Syndrome

Crokes purchases three new Defibrillators (AED)

You hear a lot in the media these days about sudden death syndrome in young people playing sports. You also hear in tandem about the power of using a defibrillator in such circumstances to save lives. Kilmacud Crokes had 1st hand exposure to this last year. Thankfully, the outcome was a positive one, but it did spur the club into taking action to improving our capabilities in this area.  


Last year, one of our U12 boys was diagnosed with Long QT syndrome (LQTS) which is a rare inborn heart condition in which delayed repolarisation of the heart following a heartbeat increases the risk of episodes of irregular heartbeat. These episodes may lead to palpitationsfainting and sudden death due to ventricular fibrillation. This young player survived the event which culminated in his diagnosis and is now fully recovered. Unfortunately he has had to make some life-style changes  which now prevent him from playing competitive sports. Spurred on by this young lad’s story and bravery, a number of folks under the banner of the Coiste committee led by Eamonn O’ Flynn got together to use this event as a catalyst  to improve the Clubs understanding of such conditions and ensure we are better prepared to respond to potential reoccurrences.


We ran an information night on the impact of sudden death syndrome in youth. Dr Deirdre Ward, Cardiologist from CRY centre presented. Seaghan Kearney from St Oliver Plunkett also attended and spoke. He had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and only for the availability of a defibrillator would not have survived. He has done a lot since to promote their use in clubs. He coined the acronym ACT  - Accessible, Charged and Trained pertaining to defibrillators.


The evening drew a large number of mentors and parents to attend.  We ran training courses and as a result, Coiste have now trained 16 mentors in CPR and Defibrillator usage. More courses are to follow.


The club has purchased 3 new Defibrillators (AED). They are located in the Club house porch, Deerpark Dressing room and Oatlands.  We also serviced the Defibrillator in Silverpark, which is located in the dressing rooms. New signage has been put in place re location of the devices.  As mentors, please ensure you are aware of their location.

Liam Farmer of Farmer Pharmacies in Dundrum, Ballyogan and Beacon Court has kindly donated funds for their purchase.  Their mission statement is to endeavour to provide the highest standard of care to all their patients and they have certainly supported Crokes and the broader community with this intervention and deserve our thanks.

Lastly, use of a Defibrillator is usually undertaken in conjunction with CPR which can be performed by anyone and really should be treated as a necessary life skill everyone knows. Check out this novel adoption of the famous B-Gees song “ Staying Alive”  coupled with the infamous Vinny Jones to educate you how simple it is -It could just help you save someone’s life.