A day in the life of a KC Under 10 Hurler



Awoken from my slumber by an over eager mentor.  Drag myself out of bed and start preparing for the day ahead.


Car arrives, and I join Stephen for the trip to the airport.


Having made it through security we await to board the flight.


Flight touches down in Cork.  Without too much difficulty we make our way out through arrivals and board the waiting coach.  Someone points out a statue of a hurler – apparently someone called Ring – believed to be fairly handy in the olden days!


Arrive in Na Piarsaigh club. No sign of Sean Óg O’Hailpin.  We are ushered into a huge indoor arena and we use this to stretch the legs and do some warm up exercises!  After that we have a carbohydrate rich breakfast (sambos!) to set us up for the action ahead.  Some of the lads are getting anxious due to being separated from their hurleys for over 18 hours (the hurleys were collected the previous evening and couriered down by the specialist hurley transport people, Keane & Co).


The management called out the teamsheets – I’m in goal!  Word filters through that the hurleys had arrived.  The first Crokes team take to the field and are met with stiff opposition.  Unfortunately they lose their game.  The second Crokes team try valiantly to overturn the cork lads but the same fate befalls them.


It’s our turn.  It looks like we will have our hands full with this lot.  We start poorly conceding a couple of early scores.  However, we are competing and have some chances ourselves. Disaster – Tom picks up an injury and is called aside.  Oisin takes his place in mid-field. Oisin plays a stormer and we score a goal just before half-time.  During the break the positional switches are made.  Tom goes into goal and I’m put up into the left corner.  We begin the second half a bit better and are beginning to grow in confidence.  The ball goes out my wing and might come this way.  A good ball up from Fergal – can I get my hand to it – yes! I strike it across the goal but it goes beyond Brian. However, Alex fights for it and gets it. He manages to get it along the ground back into Brian.  Brian has it and lets fly – goal!!  We’re on a roll now…


Final whistle KC 7:02 Na Piarsaigh 7:02


Depart Na Piarsaigh and head to restaurant for lunch.  Over lunch we sing Happy Birthday to Joey and Conor – both 10 today!


Arrive at St Finbarrs.  This time there are two pitches available so we get playing straight away.  We open up an early lead but tire a bit during the second half.


Final whistle KC 6:04 St Finbarrs 5:06 a one point win!


We get crisps and drinks from “the Barrs” and Collie receives a plaque from them to commemorate our trip to their club.


Depart St Finbarrs by coach for the Airport.


After a short delay the flight takes off for Dublin.


Arrive Dublin. Met by our driver and travel home via the new tunnel!


Off to bed – a bit late considering we have training at 09:30 in the morning!

To see images of this great day (taken by famous international photographer Niall Butler) click HERE