All Kicking Off At The Football 7's - Check here for regular updates during the day

All set to go at the Football Seven's. Beautiful morning.  Excitment building. Come on down and enjoy the fun. 

And we are off !!!!

11:16am   - Half Time in Parc De Burca -   Kilmacud Crokes 2g 3pts St Pats 1g 4pts

11:36am KIlmacud Crokes 1 off to a good start - beating St Pats by 3 pts

Results from the 1st round of games from all Venues

Kilmacud Crokes 3g 8pts  St Pats  2g 8pts

St Faithleach  6g 13pts  St Canices 3g 12pts

Leixlip 2g 13pts St Olafs 2g 9pts

St Josephs 4g 4pts   Drumliff-Rosses Point 2g 10pts

Bryansford 2g 14pts  Cuala 4g 3pts

Ballinderry Shamrocks 6g 7pts St Annes 1g 8pts

Thomas Davis 4g 7pts  St Johns 2g 13pts

Eoghan Ruagh 4g 10pts - Padraig Pearses 4g 4pts

12:05  - Second set of games from all Venues - Results Below

St Michaels 1g 8pts  Roger Casements 4g 6pts

Fingal Ravesn 1g 11pts - Kiltanne 2g 9pts

Carbury 2g 6pts - St Maurs 3g 10pts

An Riocht 1g 10pts - Salthill Knocknacarra  2g 6pts

St Galls 2g 8pts - Ballyboden 1g 7pts

O'Donavan Rossa 4g 7pts Kilmacud Crokes 2  1g 8pts

Bellaghy  3g 4pts  St Oliver Plunkets 5g 6pts

Longford Slashers 6g 4pts - Carryduff 6g 6pts

12:40 - Results from 3rd set of games from all Venues

St Patricks 4g 7pts  St Faithleachs  4g 8pts

Kilmacud Crokes  5g 9pts St Cannices 2g 8pts

Leixlip 7g 5pts  St Josephs 6g 4pts

St Olafs 5g 8pts  Drumlif Rossess Point 2g 12pts

Bryansford 2g 7pts - Ballinderry Shamrocks 2g 9pts

Cuala 7g 3pts  St Annes - 3g 6pts

Thomas Davis 1g 11pts  Eoghan Ruagh 2g 13pts

St Johns 1g 12pts Padraig Pearses 4g 4pts

Results from 4th set of games from all Venues

St Michaels 3g 9pts Fingal Ravens 3g 8pts

Roger Csements 2g 11pts  Kiltane 2g 9pts

Carbury 5g 6pts Salthill Knocknacarra 8g 8pts

St Maurs 2g 12pts An Riocht 1g 11pts

St Galls 1g 10pts O'Donavan Rossa 1g 6pts

Ballyboden St Enda's 12g 6pts Kilmacud Crokes (2) 2g 3pts

Bellaghy 6g 4pts Longford Slashers  6g 4pts

Oliver Plunkets 4g 10pts Carrydyuff 3g 5pts

13:15  Last round of Games started at all 3 venues. Once this round of 13:00 and 13:30 games are completed we should know our Quarter Final lineup 

13:45 Results from 5th set of games from all Venues

St Patricks 10g 4pts St Cannices 7g 6pts

Leixlip 7g 7pts Drumcliff Rosses Point 0g 9pts

St Olafs 2g 7pts St Josephs 1g 7pts

Bryansford 7g 9pts  St Annes 3g 5pts

Cuala 3g  7pts  Ballinderry 6g 12pts

Thomas Davis 6g 4pts Padraig Pearses 4g 8pts

St Johns 3g 4pts Eoghan Ruagh 4g 9pts

14:00  Results from 6th set of games from all Venues

St Galls 2g 9pts Crokes 2g 4pts

Ballyboden 4g 9pts O'Donovan Rosses 5g 1pt

Bellaghy 5g 7pts Carryduff 3g 4pts

Oliver Plunketts 6g 11pts Longford Slashers 4g 4pts

Roger Casements 1g 8pts  Fingal Ravens 0g 10pts

St Michaels 5g 5pts Kiltane 3g 9pts

An Riocht 5g 9pts Carbury 2g 6pts

Salthill 3g 13pts St Maurs 1g 11pts

QTR, Semi and Final will all be played in Glenalbyn 


Kilmacud through to the QTR finals of the VW 7's - Come on down and support your club 

QTR Finals Under way 

Half Time score Kilmacud Crokes 4g 3pts  Roger Casements 1g 4pts 

Half Time score Salthill 3g 3pts to Leixlip 3pts 

2:45pm QTR Final Kilmacud Crokes  V   Roger Casements Pitch 1

Kilmacud Crokes through to the Semi Final after beating Roger Casements on a score of 6g 5pts to 4g 6pts

2:45pm QTR Final Leixlip     V   Salthill  Pitch 2 

Salthill Knocknacarra beat Leixlip  6g 6pts to 1g 4pts to make it through to the semi final 

3:15pm QTR Final Ballinderry Shamrocks  V St Galls  Pitch 1

Half Time Score - Ballinderry 3g 5pts St Galls 4pts

3:15pm QTR Final Oliv;er Plunkets  V Eoghan Ruagh  Pitch 2

Quarter Final Results

Ballinderry Shamrocks 6-11  St Galls 2-7

Eoghan Ruagh 6-6  St Oliver Plunketts 2-11

4pm Semi Final 1: Kilmacud Crokes v Salthill Knocknacarra

4.30pm Semi Final 2:Ballinderry Shamrocks v Eoghan Ruagh

1st Semi Final Underway   - Kilmacud Crokes v Salthill Knocknacarra

Half Time  in 1st semi final Kilmacud Crokes  1g 3pts to Salthill 4pts 

Kilmacud Crokes win the 1st semi final in the VW 7's and are through to the final beating Salthill on a score of 2g 6pts to 9pts

Second Semi Final  Ballinderry Shamrocks v Eoghan Ruagh  due to start in a few minutes 

Half time in the 2nd VW 7's semi final  Eoghan Ruagh 2g 6pts to Ballinderry 6 pts 

Eoghan Ruagh beat Ballinderry in the 2nd VW 7's semi final on a score of 5g 10pts to 13pts - They will now play Crokes in the final

Juv Exib game @ 5:15   Bray Emmets V Kilmacud Crokes 

6pm VW 7's Final  Kilmacud Crokes Versus Eoghan Ruagh 

Hard luck to Kilmacud Crokes who lost out to Eoghan Ruagh in the VW 7's final on a score of 4g 9pts to 2g 10pts - Congrats to Eoghan Ruagh, worthy winners of this years tournament. Thanks to all who braved the weather and supported the tournament.  Thanks also to VW for their continued support.