Oatlands College Proposed All Weather / Floodlit Pitch Development - Need Members Engagement

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As members will most likely be aware, Kilmacud Crokes is one of the primary users of Oatlands College playing pitches outside school hours. A large number of our underage teams train and play games there. As members, may also be aware, DLR has entered into an agreement with the school to develop an All Weather /  FloodLit pitch on the location of the existing playing fields.  The club has been very much part of the stakeholder engagement on these plans to date and is overall supportive.

We would like to inform members that the Oatlands College all-weather pitch Part 8 planning application has gone ‘live’ for public consultation, with the project information and submission form at  https://dlrcoco.citizenspace.com/parks/parks-proposed-all-weather-pitch-oatlands-college/

The statutory public consultation period will run from 21st April 2023 to 2nd June 2023 inclusive.  

We would encourage members to engage in the consultation process. Whilst the club is excited and supportive of the project which we will benefit from especially during the winter days / evenings, we have 2 asks of the council to meet the club's needs. We would ask each member to reference these in their survey completions. 

1) We would assume that DLR will work with the club to provide alternate facilities for us during the construction phase of the project

2) We would expect to be granted similar usage allocations for the club which we enjoyed in the past at a cost which is affordable 

As a club member, we all need to make our voices heard in support of the current and future generation of young players in our club.

Thank You in advance for your engagement in this process

Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club Executive